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The goal is only to participate in ongoing discussions on relevant topics.

This is somewhat of a defense of my writ- ing, but it also concerns much more important issues.

In expressing opinions, this column is usually aggressive and passionate - sometimes with an over-the-top energy or undisguised vehemence.

This was accompanied by a deeply unset- tling feeling I experience whenever people are parroting a source or unquestioningly follow- ing authority.

832-8544 443-2292 441-5555 502-9323 707-9069 * - - - ’ - ’ planetktexa5OPEN TIL MIDNIGHT 7 DAYS A WEEK - SINCE 194 0 I DECEMBER 7, 2007 I THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE I 7 PAGE TWO The Terrible Thing BY LOUIS BLACK Demonization of those with whom we disagree Is the most dangerous disease that can infect a constitutional republic It seems painfully obvious that this is a column of opinion.

I am not stupid enough to think that I am offering anything more than an opinion; I’m certainly not issuing the truth, nor is there any desire to end the discussion.

There are many, however, who unfortu- nately attack not just the idea, but the per- son speaking it as well.

Currently, when ideological matters are under consideration, the belief is put forth that there is both good and evil in the world, as well as that there is a knowable truth to everything.

Usually, the person advocating this position also assumes that he or she knows what is good and what is evil, as well as being able to recognize “the truth.” Certainly there is evil in the world; there are bad people intentionally doing bad things.

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One has to think about doing unto others as you would have others do unto you, as well as about walking many miles in some- one else’s shoes.

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