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Once released, an individual is then eligible to vote, even if he or she is still required to register as a sex offender.

There may be other restrictions on the activities of Texas sex offenders once they are released from jail.

Many people believe the current sex offender laws are too restrictive and make it more likely an individual will commit another crime due to lack of employment opportunities.

Advocates argue that contrary to popular belief, sex offenders are less likely than others to reoffend in the same category, and therefore are not as dangerous to society as everyone fears.

If you’ve been accused of a sex crime, it’s important to know the long-term limitations you could be faced with if found guilty.

One of the biggest restrictions sex offenders face involves where they may live.

Individuals will also be required to find employment or attend a vocational training program to prepare them for future work.

Mandatory sex offender counseling could also be required unless such a program was completed while incarcerated.

Probation could result in regular home visits to ensure the terms of it are being met.Texas law currently prohibits registered sex offenders from living or even visiting a residence that is within 500 feet of a “child safety zone.” A child safety zone is considered any place where children frequently gather, and can include: Certain areas also have their own limitations on where sex offenders may live.For example, nearby Baytown recently enacted an ordinance that makes it illegal for a registered sex offender to live within 1,500 feet of a school, public park, playground or video arcade.The new law also makes it a crime to rent such a property to a registered sex offender.Those who were already residing in one of these areas are exempt from punishment under the new law.

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