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Up until it separated from India rivers flowed through western Australias southern Perth Basin.

A complex series of rivers and lakes was supported by the southern rift valley that had formed between Antarctica and Australia during the Jurassic.

Terrestrial habitats in central and Western Australia, the Queensland Plateau and the southern rift valley, that partially flooded to the west, but largely remained landlocked, were increasingly restricted by continued sealevel rises during the Aptian.

Extensive crustal folding and volcanic activity in the Great Dividing Range of the present now provided new coastal environments.

The There were great changes in the flora and the fauna of the world.

The Late Cretaceous was the warmest time in the Phanerozoic Era.

They help Sicong grow his portfolio of fortune eight times - from £53 million to £430 million - in the past six years, as revealed by Hurun Rich List, which tracks the fortune of wealthy Chinese businessmen.

The Cretaceous has been called a time of change, because the changes that took place during this period on a global scale were enormous.

This appearance of large areas of new land was on a very large scale around the world as the epicontinental seas regressed.

There was then a burst of evolution as the flora and fauna invaded the new niches.

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