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Watch for announcements in coming days and weeks of additional events being organized by approximately 10 volunteers /organizers. Shiggles 64 , Sweet as Honey 21, Kitten Cat 2903, Calgary Newbie 52, Mavoreen, Funny Ginger, Lookintobefound and 3 others to be announced.

Congrats on taking the time to organize events for the singles and non-singles in Calgary, it's a lot of work.

The first night the theme is Cupid's Retreat which is posted under Party threads.

I came alone and knew no one, but I felt welcome the moment I found the pond at O'Sully's beforehand and I honestly can't remember the last time I enjoyed an evening more. And honestly, what better way is there to start getting to know someone than by watching them dance, hearing them laugh or listening to them belt out a perfectly horrible rendition of "I Want to Know What Love Is"? Just well-intentioned people who want a good time to be had by all. I thought I heard FG say she would not sing with a microphone but I do not remember her offering to do a floor show and try to get people to dance with her? Not quite sure if it was Sweet as Honey or Mavoreen who said they'd do something or other with a microphone FG was definitely the one bragging about her cherry flavoured Nibs...

I hope the events being planned will encourage others to come out and play. Well Sambo my pic was up for the last 20 months of being on here. Also I am only one of about ten event planners as you say.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I just wanted to post under Cdn Girl and Sambo Well LTBF I thought you took your picture down so the women would stop flirting with you so much.

Bowling is tentatively planned to kick off The third Sunday of Feb ; the 22 nd.

Comedy Night will begin approximately Wed Mar 11 And the list continues.

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If anyone’s going to get their nose out of joint and refuse to attend an event because they think that person or group has already hosted too many events, then they’re cutting off that nose out of spite, dontcha think? Just a bunch of people that have come together that do not know each other that are willing to get together and make a few things happen.

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