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They wanted to come back regardless of what they were paid.Larry Kelly-who was a genius-got Sutherland to come for 0 a performance for a two-year commitment.

I remember at least one three-month period where Larry didn’t speak to John after a bad review. And when Callas came, the other big stars felt at home.“The perception of the [Dallas] company was this was an old-fashioned Italian opera company,” Karayanis says.“In reality, it was a cutting-edge Italian opera company.Her fee exploded a few months after her debut, but she loved it here so much, she came back and gave her all for that tiny sum.” Schumacher has been very sick lately, but even an Easterner like me can recognize the huge laugh that comes only from Texas, ’it’s all money today,” Schumacher says.“You know, I think Larry’s top salary was ,000, and if he had 20 cents left over, he put it back in the company.” Opera back then-everywhere-was a cutthroat business. Callas, for example, thought of herself as an artist first and never as a commodity.

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