Masturbaition chat bot

Concentrate on relaxing the muscles in your anus and at the base of your penis.

You may have to squeeze them to identify them and then relax them. Position yourself so that your knees are spread and your butt is resting on your heels — one cheek firmly planted on each heel.

Unfortunately, we don’t feel the orgasm when that happens because we’re asleep!

Now, around the same time, many boys discover masturbation and it becomes a normal, regular ritual with some (daily, weekly, etc).

Come close to the edge of ejaculation and then back off a couple of times …

Many boys experiment with this activity together, which is also a normal phase that some boys go through, and it has nothing to do with sexual preference.

Masturbation is not something to feel guilty or “dirty” about, so enjoy it in moderation.

Perhaps you enjoy it because you fantasize that what you’re seeing in the mirror is what someone else would see if they were in the room with you.

Lots of people get turned on when they fantasize that others are watching, and that’s okay.

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Now, I won’t tell you to do it, but that is when most guys ejaculate for the first time while they’re awake.

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