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When I quit my job in the Middle East to start my backpacking journey, aside from the other reasons and lies I was telling myself and people around me about why I wanted to leave my corporate life, I actually left because I just wanted to have more time to understand myself, to love me and just to be with myself!

We Filipinas can also travel to any country in the world with our Philippines passport so why would we need them if we can already get things on our own!?

We’ve had complete independence since 1946 people, get the grip!

Western countries have the range of incomes and living standards just like we do.

So it was their choice if you still want to marry despite the condition! We are not rich, but my family lives comfortably, and we were brought up to be independent.

Unless they slipped it in the wedding vows without him noticing, ‘…to have and to hold, to pay Lola’s medical bills…wait, WHAT THE F#%! Meaning, if you want to do something, you work for it, and you shouldn’t depend on anyone else to just give it to you!

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If you make a match, you can commence Instagram- or Facebook-stalking to learn more — at least that’s what we do.

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