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I don't want to be married again..." "Yeah, the men aren't much better. She does crazy shit and stuff, which is interesting, but I feel like I'm falling down a spiral with her." "It doesn't sound healthy." "No, it isn't. They want me to be their kid's daddy or one date and they think we're getting married. The next audit is months away, what's she doing here? Actually, she's nobody's favorite person. It's so bad we can't let anyone else hear. My beers kicked in, I relaxed watching chicks getting cumshots on their nice tits, and my little friend down there grew into my big friend. Ming started to get up too, but I grabbed her by her ugly head and put her mouth back on my cock. Jesus, why didn't SHE come to my office a couple days ago? "You fuck like an old man," pronounced Ming the Mercilessly Ugly. I didn't know if it was a pleasure grunt, a pain grunt, or an I might take a shit grunt. She rocked back and forth harder into my thighs, plunging my raging cock deeper into her vagina. It's basically short scenes edited together, guys are either tit-fucking or just jerking themselves and shooting cum onto large breasted girls. Plus, these were mostly American girls with nice bodies and pretty or at least tolerable faces, unlike my little Asian gem I've got. Ming the Merciless (she has pictures of him in her office, really) sucked my cock with much more vigor. My balls slapped her ugly chin and she took all of it. There's moaners, screamers, the "oh yes" girls, the "fuck fuck fuck" girls, you know what I'm saying. Shuddering, I quickly looked back at the big screen just in time to see Gianna Michaels take a cum shot to her tit with her mouth right there. She swallowed that down, then sucked the cum off her nipple. I held her head close so none of it would spill and I emptied it all down her throat.

There's no relationship; we don't talk, we just... I turned and walked to my bedroom and switched on the big flatscreen. I went to one of my favorite free video sights, and searched for 'cum on big tits compilation'. It's one I've seen before, but always gets me going. She took two deep breaths and dove back on my cock. With no courtesy, I got behind her, grabbed my slimy cock and shoved it up her cunt. But there's a certain similarity to them also. Her fucking cunt is tight enough for Jesus, though, and sopping wet. Then I look in the wall mirror and see her face, and I quickly dismiss the idea. It came on quickly and I didn't give her any warning. and my cock exploded into her mouth, down her throat. But that was with my wife when we were seriously hot and heavy. Put on some porn and get it harder." Jesus, but yeah, let's get this fucker warmed up because I want to jam it down her throat. "Get on the bed, all fours, facing the TV." "Fuck you, dumbass." But she got right in that position, quickly, I might add. You know, all women make different noises when they make love. I don't mean 'oink oink', but she grunted and snorted and I didn't know what else to call it. I grabbed her by her ugly thighs and pulled for more penetration. Her tongue formed a cool groove for me, and I felt my orgasm approach. I said ten minutes." Now, there have been times where I've cum several times in one session. "Right, about a month or so." "And you don't have a new girlfriend yet." How the hell does she know? well it rates about a 4 and that's her best feature. Or even if they aren't that cute their little bodies just look like they need sex? She's short, kinda wide but not fat, just wide, no visible tits, ass is...

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