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=) BTW when citing this article, please use an invasion of privacy, nor is it in contravention of case or statute law. A legacy of our convict past is that Australia has never had a Bill of Rights.

Privacy advocates may disapprove, but in this country people-photography has always been, and for the moment remains, a perfectly legal thing to do. Consequently there has never been any concept of a constitutionally protected (OAIC).

Hence the difficulty in taking photographs inside department stores; bars; night-clubs; sports arena; shopping centres; "Kmarts" or supermarkets.

They may be areas freely open to the public and justifiably regarded as the the centre.

It is irrelevant where the shots were actually taken: either through a person's bathroom window or in the middle of a crowd at a sporting event, both cases are now equally in breach of the NSW Crimes Act.

People with cameras bear witness to the everyday dramas of ordinary people. That it has not been done is mainly due to politics, history and indifferent public opinion. Analyse the constitution as fastidiously as you like, but you will not find anything on personal rights.

Photo-peepers and other telephoto creeps should therefore consider themselves warned.

(FWIW see also the Wiki article on Uρskirting.) In Queensland, thanks to the child-photo antics of Paul Michael Bartram (in particular his 2005 for nation-wide anti-voyeurism laws.

In NSW Anti-Voyeurism, Defamation and Obscenity laws still apply, as do common law doctrines of Nuisance, Trespass, or statutory prohibitions arising out of the .

The remainder of this article presents an analysis of these photo restrictions and limitations.

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