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Landholders sell cutting rights to the PNG Forest Authority in exchange for timber royalties.The Forest Authority may then grant the cutting rights to third parties within the private sector.It highlights sustainable production, domestic processing, forest revenue, training and localization, review of existing projects, forest resource acquisition and allocation and sustainable development.The Guidelines were thought too radical, and were strongly attacked and scarcely followed.Provincial forest management plans are also required and must be prepared by Provincial Forest Management Committees.The NFP also developed (as required by the Forestry Act of 1991) a National Forest Development Program for the period 1996-2001.The draft National Forest Plan of 2013 received poor reviews.

As of April 2014, no new drafts are available online.Section 54 of the Forestry Act requires that all resources must also be developed in accordance with the National Forestry Plan (NFP).Despite the tightening of regulations, the Forestry Act of 1991 has been subsequently undermined by contradictory amendments and weak implementation.Please help us maintain the Risk Tool by submitting information about relevant updates to forestlegality [at] Papua New Guinea’s principal forestry legislation is the Forestry Act of 1991.

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