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Rules in all 43 forces in England and Wales prevent officers showing tattoos which could cause offence to colleagues or the public.

In a small, white-walled corner of a Brooklyn loft space, Ashley Glynn is burning sage around her healing crystals, tarot cards, and a bag filled with ink, needles, and latex gloves.

But 11 years of other people’s armpits in my face during subway rush hour, and the winters, and the constant struggle to stay afloat left me tired and skeptical. The Six of Pentacles and the Three of Rods showed progress and opportunity in my career, but urged me to think more about what I truly want in the future.

I wanted to believe, though, and I’d been searching for signs during our time on the road. My cards were heavy with themes of growth and balance, and some cautioned that I take myself less seriously. I am unaccustomed to saying things like "trust the universe," but I’d already exhausted pre-emptive cynicism and other related tactics. From the outside, my reading seemed perfectly average, but as the cards were flipped, they began to pick up where Strayed left off.

I’ve stayed the night at an abandoned summer camp, biked the Golden Gate Bridge, saw Red Rocks, hiked Camelback Mountain, ate more pizza than I care to admit, and strolled the Chicago Art Institute until my feet were sore and puffy. Then, of course, there’s that whole parenthood thing.

It’s been exhilarating and exhausting and forced me to examine my faults, fears, and dreams in exactly the way I’d hoped. I’ve never felt naturally inclined toward motherhood.

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