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Lot: 8007 - 18TH CENTURY BRITISH COLORED ETCHING OF COCK FIGHT Colored etching of Cock Fight in a British courthouse 20cm x 28cm. Three from the Fables de La Fontaine, from the, "Serie Superieure Aux Armes D'Epinal Imagerie Pellerin". The second is enamel art by Hawaiian artist Do Thi Kim Doan. Lot: 8011 - LOT OF 5 HANDMADE EGYPTIAN PAPYRUS PAINTINGS NAMED Lot of 5 hand made Egyptian papyrus paintings signed in the lower right and left hand corners with the names of respective artist (most signatures in Arabic). All in very good condition and come in riker mount display case. It is in very good condition all glass is intact with no cracks. Lot: 8041 - VINTAGE HAND CARVED CHINESE STONE SCULPTURES It is a flat Chinese stone sculpture adorned with dragons and the phoenix. Displays Lot: 8110 - ANTIQUE HALF GALLON WOHNERS CORNER WHISKEY JUG Antique 1/2 gallon "L. Hossley at Wohner's Corner" (Canton, Miss.) stoneware whiskey jug. The die is about one half inch cube and in good condition with some cracking. Lot: 8117 - ANTIQUE 1 GALLON STONEWARE WHISKEY JUG MEMPHIS TN Antique two-toned "Tucker & Mc Cormack" (Memphis, TN) one-gallon jug. Trolio Fine Whiskies" (Canton, Miss.) one-gallon stoneware jug. Silver band has no identifiable maker's marks, and is in good condition with some denting, and is missing the rivet which Lot: 8189 - NATIVE AMERICAN FUR TRADE SILVER HAT BAND SECTION A piece of silver from the fur trade which appears to be part of a top hat band. Measures roughly 19 cm Lot: 8190 - NATIVE AMERICAN FUR TRADE COPPER BREASTPLATE A copper breastplate from the fur trade era. Red venetian white heart beads show wear as well, these being period but added to the cross. Lot: 8194 - 9 PIECE LOT OF CARVED STONE ASIAN THEME PENDANTS All are in very good condition. Open work heart design with 3 small 1 mm diamonds within heart to each side. Watch measures just under 1 inch in diameter, with a domed crystal to magnify the face, and another equally domed crystal on the back to magnify the visible movement. Lot: 8216 - VINTAGE EGMOND ACOUSTIC ELETRIC GUITAR Vintage Egmond Acoustic Electric guitar, with strap. Lot: 8220 - POWERSTROKE GAS PRESSURE WASHER UNUSED IN BOX Item has never been used/assembled, but box has been opened. 1 Buddy L fire truck with working bell (7 inches long), 1 Buddy L semi truck and horse trailer Lot: 8222 - VINTAGE BUDDY L HOOK AND LADDER FIRE TRUCK MODEL Vintage '50s or '60s Buddy L Hook and Ladder fire truck, with mechanically raised and lowered ladder. One is a roughly 1980s vintage with light up dashboard, in need of some repair. Lot: 8241 - VINTAGE STRUCTO METAL TOY DUMP TRUCK & CAR HAULER Vintage Structo Metal toy trucks lot includes Structo Turbine car hauler in very good condition with minor playwear or paint loss includes ramp and Structo Hydraulic Pump dump truck in good condition with with playwear, paint loss and chipping. Electric Trains' "Rail King" 3-Rail "Alaska SW-8/9 Switcher Diesel Engine w/Loco-Sound". Measurements: bull - 11" x 7 1/4" and cow - 10"x7". It is in good condition, contents are complete and legible with no holes or tears and seals intact. Next a locking blade pocket knife blade measures 2 1/2 inches. Lot: 8288 - BABY BUTTERBEAN CASE KNIFE SILVER STARDUST 75015 Spear and Pen Blades: 2 3/4 in / 7.0cm closed; 1.5 oz. 102132 SS Lot: 8289 - CASE XX WAR SERIES VIETNAM NATURAL BONE TRAPPER Case stainless pocket knife. Lot: 8290 - CASE KNIFE XX TRAPPER POCKET KNIFE bone handle 2 blades, smaller blade measures approximately 2 7/8" larger blade approximately 2 3/4" in very good condition Lot: 8291 - WWII GERMAN HUNTING ASSOC DAGGER GRIP EMBLEM PIN German Nazi grip emblem with pin to back. One engraving from the "Opera-Comique" La Belle Bourbonnaise (Has a tear that has been repaired with Lot: 8009 - 4 LTD ED H ELLIS & CO RECRUIT CIG CARD REPRO LOT Lot of four (4) limited edition (255/1000) Brouthers & Keefe "Champion" House authentic reprints of the 1890 H. Each is matted, framed, individually sealed, stamped, and numbered. Paintings include images of Cat in dark blue, Egyptian Goddess, two paintings of Horus Lot: 8012 - DAVID COOLIDGE (AMERICAN) LARGE OIL ON CANVAS An oil on canvas street scene by David Coolidge (American). Lot: 8014 - 1939 ORIGINAL MOVIE PROGRAM GONE WITH THE WIND Gone With The Wind 1939 Original Movie Program Starring Clark Gable & Vivien Leigh, David O. Lot: 8016 - ARCHIE CASTLEBERRY MARK OF THE WHITE MAN BRONZE 1982 Bronze statuette made by Archie Castleberry, titled Mark of the White Man. Lot: 8026 - 3 DOVETAIL ARROWHEAD POINTS PINK PURPLE CHERT The first is a wider "Ace" shaped point with striations of color from lighter pink purple to darker, broad random flaking with little edge work, and expanding base. There is a circle 3.5cm in diameter near center of piece. Lot: 8042 - CHINESE HAND CARVED STONE DRAGON & FISH SCUPLTURE Hand carved flat stone sculpture adorned with dragons and fish in very good condition. Signed on front left side of base by artist Lot: 8047 - ALBERT POLITICAL CAMPAIGN & COMMEMORATIVE BUTTON Scarce out of print, must have reference for this subject, very good condition. Lot: 8114 - ANTIQUE CERAMIC MOERLEIN AMERICAN BEER BOTTLE Antique ceramic bottle of Lager from The Christian Moerlein Brewing Company of Cinncinatti, Ohio. Normal age wear and some chips and cracking present. Is broken into two pieces, one of which has the rivet holes. 8 are the same size and image size being 3 1/2 inches by 2 inches. Lot: 8197 - 18KT YELLOW GOLD RING WITH PURPLE STONE 15X11MM Rectangular purple stone has excellent clarity. Gives the watch a fairly round Lot: 8211 - 10K ROLLED GOLD HAMILTON SWISS WRIST WATCH 10k rolled gold Hamilton wrist watch with stainless steel back. Scratches to back, where someone tried to pry open. Lot: 8213 - MENS BULOVA DAY DATE 96C002 WATCH W SWAROVSKI Silver tone with tiny Swarovski crystals all over. Numbers on back: B5, 96C002, C835312, and 18289440. In good condition, with some wear and crackling to the paint. The other is a light and sound 2000 Mattel Matchbox truck. Lot: 8230 - ANTIQUE MFD JAPANESE TIN PLATE FIRE ENGINE TOY Measures approx. Lot: 8242 - VINTAGE 1980S NEW BRIGHT SNORKEL FIRE TRUCK LOT 2 Vintage New Bright model fire trucks. Both are in good condition with some wear with use and age. Lot: 8271 - MTH RAIL KING ALASKA SW 8 9 SWITCHER DIESEL ENGINE M. Brand new in original box with packaging and paperwork. Lot: 8272 - MTH CSX O SCALE CRANE CAR ELECTRIC TRAIN IN BOX M. Lot: 8280 - 3 PIECE LOT US CIVIL WAR CONFEDERATE MEMORABILIA Pocket knife blade measures 3 inches. Has a picture of the American flag beside the confederate flag on knife handle and box. Let’s take a peek at what 2017 hold for home decor enthusiasts… source One trend that I do not have in my home (but love) and is still going strong are upholstered headboards. If your room could use updating think about going with a fabric headboard like the one above. They are still a darling in the home decor industry sector! About 10 years ago almost every room in my home was yellow! Remember I’m taking a sensible, practical approach! Can you believe that all white walls may be fading and warmer tones of terracotta pots are coming on strong! JEWEL TONES source I’ve looked at so many trend predictors and they all agree on the insurgence of vibrant jewel tones coming on strong in 2017! Decorating with jewel tones is almost as hard as walking on a highwire! Think rich hand carved frames with gorgeous gold leafing and antiquing… source Modern geometric designs for curtains, bedding, pillows, and rugs are big, big big. We saw tons of blue in dinnerware this summer and I see it spilling over into home decor.This trend continues to be an outgrowth of needing to feel more relaxed and connected to an easier bygone day. Black stainless is sleek and modern and very sophisticated! White marble is on its way out when it come to doing a whole bathroom in it. Rooms that are predominantly gray have seen their heyday and quickly becoming trite! Look for large, outlined geo patterns to be on trend! I LOVE blue and will be introducing some more blue into my home in 2017! As 2017 comes into focus I’ll be sharing more PRACTICAL forecasts about home decor! No matter what the style we all need to decide what we put in our homes.While these trends aren’t predicted by big firms or decor experts I think they will stick around for awhile longer… Copper has had a very short run on the trend stage. Our home often feels like a hotel, filled with family and friends. Well, except ironing and maybe cleaning the garage!I’m a life-long learner and am on a quest for new things to learn and do… Living by grace, I strive to be positive and purposeful…And to be fair, this is not just a problem with museums in Japan.At the online sites of major museums in America and Europe, it is likewise difficult to find what you want, even when you know the piece is in their collection. The more I study the details of Japanese Buddhism, the more it eludes me by revealing still more details to study.

Fourth, and most regrettably, the online sites of the great repositories of Japanese Buddhist sculpture -- the national museums in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nara -- don’t offer any systematic A-to-Z access to their impressive art collections. Even so, the situation is much improved compared to only ten years ago, thanks largely to advances in web large and loving all those who cross my path.Lot: 8001 - THOMAS FREEBAIRN WILSON WATERCOLOR LANDSCAPE Thomas Freebairn Wilson (British, d. Some Lot: 8174 - VINTAGE NAUTICAL BRASS LIGHTHOUSE TABLE LAMP Vintage Maritime brass table lamp in good condition, very heavy and could use a new plug. Lot: 8179 - ANTIQUE 19TH CENTURY REDWARE EARTHEN GREEN JUG Acquired from a farm in New England, purely utilitarian and built to last, rich dark green, stands 11 inches and is very good. Measurements height 9 inches and 8 inches in diameter. Stones vary in color and clarity, but appear eye clean. Includes war planes, trucks, dinosaur, boats and much more. Lot: 8237 - VINTAGE OR NEWER TONKA & NYLINT TOY FIRE TRUCK LOT Lot includes three (3) trucks and one (1) fire truck playset. The hilt, or tsuka, is decorated with a tiger motif, as is the metal saya, or scabbard. Scabbard has some Lot: 8302 - ANTIQUE EARLY CAVALRY SWORD UNMARKED WOOD GRIP Curved rounded blade measures 24.5 inches, large metal hilt, wood grip, and brass cap, leather washer still in place. Overall in good condition, with some rust to Lot: 8323 - US INDIAN WARS M1873 SOCKET BAYONET AND SCABBARD Bayonet for a Springfield M1873 rifle, commonly used in the Indian Wars. Scabbard has loss of finish and oxidation but free from dents. Lot: 8328 - WWII TURKISH MAUSER M1935 BAYONET W FROG & SCABB Steel construction with wood grips, metal scabbard, and leather frog. Signature is done with Lot: 8010 - LOT OF TWO TROPICAL ASIAN AND HAWAIIAN PAINTINGS One by Vietnamese artist Bui Mai Hien (b. Measures 35 by 27 inches and its frame measures 41.5 by 33.5 inches. Selznicks Production of Margaret Mitchells Story of Old South. Lot: 8015 - 19TH CENTURY DAGUERREOTYPE WOMAN WITH BABY Depicts woman with her child. Depicts a Native American man in a wrap holding a spear, with a skull at his feet. Lot: 8025 - 5 ANTIQUE CAST IRON SKELETON KEY LOT Lot of five (5) antique cast iron skeleton keys. The second is made from pink chert with broad flaking to the center and secondary Lot: 8027 - ANTIQUE NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN BEADED MOCCASINS Late 19th or 20th century themed beadwork about 50 percent complete. Some smaller pieces have chipped off, but are included. It measures 20x26x1cm Lot: 8043 - HAND CARVED WOOD STALLION SCULPTURE Unsigned work appears to be walnut, left hoof is loose from pedestal, also some abrasions confined to right side, measures 15 by 20 inches. Lot: 8045 - SIGNED WHITE MARBLE EAGLE SCULPTURE W STAND Signed White Marble Eagle standing on Rocks with wings spread is in very good condition with no chips on high lacquered wood base. Appears to have been repaired at base of sword and at shoulder. Lot: 8048 - WORLD ATLAS LOT 10TH CENSUS 1880 1967 UNIV STANDAR Two world Atlases: The Universal Standard Atlas of the World copyright 1967, 1965, 1964, 1962, 1961, and Topographical Map of the United States Prepared as Basis For Illustrations of the 10th Census 1880. In very good condition, with no chips or cracks visible on the stoneware bottle. Lot: 8115 - TWO 1 GALLON ANTIQUE STONEWARE JUGS WITH CORK Beige to bottom, dark glazed brown to top, some cork remains, normal wear, no markings. Lot: 8116 - ANTIQUE 1 GALLON STONEWARE WHISKEY JUG JACKSON TN Antique "Geo. Goodman Company Red Rock Whiskey" (Jackson, TN) one-gallon jug. Lot: 8118 - 2 GALLON ANTIQUE STONEWARE WHISKEY JUG VICKSBURG Sand colored "C. Miller" (Vicksburg, MS.) 2 gallon whiskey advertising jug. The difference in them is their color, They range in color from light brown almost ivory color to a dark brownish red. 1 is Lot: 8195 - SILVER LOT SUN DIAL IVORY BROACH COMPACT AND MORE Interesting grouping includes portrait on ivoey of elegant woman 35mm pendant or broach, sterling and brass broach, sterling locket with 2 early postage stamps inside, silver modern art pendant with 96 on reverse, stamped .925 silver compact brass Lot: 8196 - 180 GRAMS 5.8 OZT OF STERLING SILVER RING LOT Big variety native American to dress. Excellent condition, very minor scuffs on the back, movement works very well. Lot: 8217 - US AND INTERNATIONAL STAMP AND FIRST DAY COVER LOT Large lot of stamps and First Day Covers. Lot: 8224 - WILLABEE & WARD THE CIVIL WAR PATCH COLLECTION 14 Modern patches depicting events from the civil war. Each patch comes with a page telling about the patch. Both measure roughly 29 inches and are both battery powered. Back of Lot: 8243 - LARGE ELECTRIC TONKA FIRE RESCUE MODEL TRUCK Battery powered Tonka fire truck, measuring roughly 34 inches. Last is a Lot: 8281 - DAMASCUS STEEL STAG HANDLE HUNTING KNIFE Measures 9 inches with a 4 inch blade. No markings on the blade, comes with a leather sheath. In very good condition with no deterioration or damage. Lot: 8013 - 3 RANDOM MIXED PRINTS ALBERTA ITALY KENTUCKY BBALL Lot of 3 prints: Alberta - Waterton Lakes National Park - photo by Doug Leighton (24X18 inches), La Mappa - Pratolino - Italy (19X19 inches), and A Kentucky Tradition UK Basketball by E. Mounted on a wooden base with a rotating foot, to allow for 360 degree display. Lot: 8028 - 18TH CENTURY NATIVE AMERICAN SPIKE WAR CLUB From estate outside Memphis, age patinated believed late 18th to early 19th century, without spike but holed for placement. Lot: 8029 - 3 WOODLAND ARROWHEAD POINTS SNYDER HOPEWELL Lot contains: 3 inch Hopewell from Shuyler Co. Lot: 8036 - SPINOSAURUS DINOSAUR TOOTH 1.5 INCH IN DISPLAY In a descriptive display case Riker style mount. Lot: 8038 - ANTIQUE WALRUS TUSK DINNER KNIFE & FORK SET W BOX Antique Walrus tusk dinner knife and fork set. Lot: 8044 - BRONZE SCULPTED FIGURE OF JOHN WESLEY BY STEARMAN Bronze Sculpted figure of John Wesley by sculptor Scott Stearman, marked on wooden base of sculpture with small plaque that reads John Wesley Indiana Wesleyan University Trustee Citation 2004. Lot: 8046 - 13 INCH VINTAGE KING ARTHUR SPELTER STATUE Actual measurement is 13 1/2". Spine is missing on one and some cover loss Lot: 8049 - ANTIQUE FOSSIL MAMMOTH TOPPED WALKING STICK 90 Degree Schreger lines in cane top, replaced rubber ferrule tip, 35 inches overall. Back of band elastic, allows for placement on wrist. Over 100 covers and several hundred stamps mixed MNH and cancelled both US and international, including 3 UN flag stamp sheets. Lot: 8219 - ANTIQUE WOOD AND METAL19TH CENTURY BANDED MALLET Antique mallet. Some patches included but not limited to are battle of the wilderness, the Gettysburg address, the Lot: 8225 - ANTIQUE HAND CARVED PLAYING CARD DECK HOLDING BOX Hand carved playing cards deck holder with 2 slots for decks. Lot: 8229 - ANTIQUE WYANDOTTE RED & GREEN TOY DUMP TRUCK Antique Wyandotte (or Wyandotte style), believed to be from 1930s. In good condition with some fading and wear from use. Lot: 8282 - CIVIL WAR CONFEDERATE ARMY KNIVES & POCKET WATCH Modern items depicting famous people involved in the civil war. Lot: 8287 - BABY BUTTERBEAN CASE KNIFE SILVER STARDUST 75015 Brand new in box.

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