Adult self awareness camps

He just stares and makes odd mouth movements, as if he's tasting something.Sometimes he'll grab the arm of the chair and squeeze it.Untreated seizures can lead to injury, significant memory impairment, and in rare cases physical injury or death.

These assessments were then compared to current physical activity levels and related variables found in the Health Action Process Approach model (HAPA; Schwarzer, 2008).

Look below to see how we can enhance learning at the Zoo and in your classroom.

As a Phoenix-based community steward, along with a shared mutual love of animals, Pet Smart and Pet Smart Charities are proud Presenting Sponsors of Zoo Reach.

Our Night Camp programs offer a great learning experience for students, and parents can spend the night, too.

Reserve an educational program in conjunction with your day-time field trip, to enhance your students’ experience.

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