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I've found 3-4 cousins I would never have known if It hadn't been for you. I am thinking they may have been a Baumbach in Germany and changed it to Bumbaugh when they moved to USA. I'm 71 and and am very confused about a lot of things. She was the daughter of his Mom, Rochelle Terry, from a previous marriage.

I had heard as a small child something about a distant gr grandfather being honored by a King. I continue to be amazed by the Famous Baumbach...first time I saw his picture I nearly fell off my chair as the resemblance to my mother's brothers is amazing. Do you have any idea if I could have come from the Baumbach family? His father, Leon James Baumbach grew up in La Grange, moved to Houston and passed away in 1980, before I knew him.

46 c78166 Donaueschingen Telefon: 0771/832740 Fax: 0771/2066 Website: h.beck(at)Waldmann Elektrotechnik Gmb H & Co.Das idyllische und stille Ibental fhrt vom Dreisamtal ber Buchenbacher Gemarkung (Unteribental) und St. Petermer Gemarkung (Oberibental) bis hoch nach St Mrgen - von Sdwesten nach Nordosten. I have now had contact with Bodo's brother Freidrich. With out movers and shakers like you, this world quite possibly would founder. From: Zeta Wilson Peterson, daughter of Luella Baumbach Wilson Thursday March 29, 2007 AM. Suds NFlood The Flood Tamer is a patented unique device to stop the nuisance and costly damage associated with the backflow of water, suds, and sewerage. He was my grandfather and died over 8 years ago from cancer. I have never known much about the Bumbaugh side of my family. As of today 3 Aunts are still alive and I think the oldest is over 100.. I was talking with my sister about the Baumbach Cematary and I was going on that site to take a picture of the entrance but couldn’t find it. I am married to Russell Alan Baumbach who was born in 1960.You have made a "HUGE" difference with your web site, bringing hundreds of cousins back together. From: Mandy Blume [email protected]: Sat, Dec 23, 2017 at PM Subject: I am a Baumbach, more info for our lineage for you Hello distant relative! I descended from the Baumbach farmer that started our family in Norwalk, WI in the 1800's (one of the twins- Herman I think). When I've ever asked any of them questions the never had answers. He has 1 brother, Gregory Wayne, and a 1/2 sister, Terry Leigh Parrish Baumbach, who his father adopted in her early years.

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